Rates as of 1/20/20

Savings Account Balance       Nominal            APY
$100.00 and up                        0.25%                0.25%
Share Certificates                    0.20%                0.20%
3, 6,
12 months $2500 and up       1.75%                1.75%  
Dividend Rates

Share Secured

2.00% above savings rate     60 Months

Auto Rates

2012 and newer         As low as 3.99%          60 Months
                                   As low as 5.99%           72 Months

2000 - 2011                As low as 5.99%          60 Months

Teacher Education Loans         3.99%          54 Months     

RV Loans                      As low as 4.25%         60 Months

Signature Loans        As low as 7.95%          24 Months

Holiday Loans       As low as 5.95%               12 Months
(available Oct 31-the end of Feb)

                             The following fees and charges may be
                               assessed against your account:

                                             Service Fee/Charge
                                             Excessive share withdrawal
                                          $1 per item (After 2 per month)

                                          Deposited item returned
                                          $25 per item

                                          Dormant Account Fee
                                          $5 per quarter

                                          Par Value of One Share

Membership fee
Loan Rates
Member Fees
Filing Fee: You will be charged a lien filing
fee at the time of an advance if the credit
union takes a security interest in your
collateral. The amount of the filing fee will
be based upon the amount of fee required
by state law for the credit union to obtain a
lien on your property.

Late Charges: There will be a $20.00 late
fee for any loan over 7 business days past

Collection Costs: You promise to pay all
costs of collecting the amount you owe
under this agreement including court costs
and reasonable attorney fees.

Loan rates and terms may vary based on
credit history and are subject to change. For
additional information call the Credit Union
at (865) 428-4426.